Okay, we admit it: we're freeware junkies!  Ever since we got on the Internet in 1995, we have been constantly downloading freeware software, tools, utilities, and games. How much of freeware junkies are we? Suffice to say that everything that we run from our PCs is freeware based!  Everything! Sorry Bill! This site? Also free! Yes, it's rather amazing to discover how much great free stuff there exists from all over the world!

Well, it's now time that we give back by helping you find some of the best freeware sites on the World Wide Web.  Not just any freeware sites, but simply the best!  Also, don't expect this site to be loaded with fancy graphics, images, or heavy download time.  Nope, we're not going to do it.  Freeware Guru will instead become a simple but the ultimate resource links to top quality freeware sites. So, bookmark this site and visit the Freeware Guru often!

Our "Top Picks Page 1" consists of our Top 15 Super Freeware Sites & our Top 10 Freeware Game Sites.

Our "Top Picks Page 2" consists of our Top 5 Children's Freeware Sites & our Top 5 Freeware Utilities Sites.

Are you ready? Well, then, click on the "Top Picks Page 1" or "Top Picks Page 2" on the left hand side of this page!

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments for the Freeware Guru, please send us an email!

-- Freeware Guru

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